Lena Moss

lena moss
Born to eternal life on October 10, 2020, at the age of 86 years. Graveside service, Thursday, October 22, 2020; 11:00 AM at Graceland Cemetery located 6401 N. 43rd Street.

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  1. On Grandma’s home going a year ago today I am free in church singing God’s Praise serving on the instrument in my mom’s church something granny and I use to talk about. Grandma knew Jesus she introduced me to Jesus. If you reading this get to know Jesus please

  2. My beloved Grandma Lena Moss was a woman who lived, loved, worshipped and prayed with a sharp and quick wit till the end. Her words and memories will forever be a part of my DNA and spirit. She saw me free long before June 23, 2021. Nevertheless she rejoiced that day in eternity when she saw it. To the rest of the family, the Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. That ‘ s word. I know your hearts are heavy, carrying the weight of ” Not yet Lord moments” my heart to is heavy weighted down by the same not yet Lord moments. Heavy as our hearts may be…hold your head up! Y’all know that’s what she would tell you, listen Sis. Lena Moss would tell you: Whatever you do in remembrance of me don’t you mourn me, you may miss me but don’t you mourn me, memories of me may make you cry sometimes, but don’t you mourn me. She would want you to rejoice that she has laid down her burdens and is resting in the bosom of Jesus, that she has finished her course and is shining with the glory of the Father and the Son. She would want you to remember the moments you shared with her and cherish the shared memories of her and be comforted by the fact that even tho she folded up her earthly tent she has traded it in for her new building in glory! I love you family and remember concerning Grandma Lena it’s never goodbye it’s till we meet again.

  3. R.I.P to my god fearing grandma. You were truly a woman of God. I can’t stop thinking about how when we were little and you were living with us. We use to be in the living watching a movie while you were in your room with the door open watching tv. (Falling asleep in the mist of it lol) eventually you’d say you were tired and going to bed, and close your door. My siblings and I would sometimes listen by your door hearing you talk, asking each other what is being said and how we thought you were sleep. We use to be so scared, but then we recognized you were a sleep talker. You use to talk about God even while sleep. I remembered you would always catch the bus to auntie Tina house or to McDonald’s for breakfast. Everyone knew how you loved your breakfast sandwich. I remember moma use to make us go to church every Sunday, and you would quiz us and asked us what we had learned lol… we dreaded those moments lol, we knew we had to start paying attention. All I have are pictures and memories. You were the best grandma a grandchild can ever wish for, especially when it came to birthdays. I thank God for allowing you the time you had here on earth. I wish I would’ve visited you more often in these last few years. But Im still doing this school stuff to become the nurse I told you, Raymond and my other grandparents that I would be. Heaven just gained another angel 👼 Please watch over your children, grandchildren and great children 💕 love you always grandma Corina

  4. I am her daughter Mary Croft my mom was a wonderful person.she always took very good care of family 💋💋💗 I am going to to miss her deeply But I know that God has wonderful thing for her now And with this I say Lena Moss R.i.p in paradise Love you forever you be in my ❤Mary!!!

    • Words alone cannot express how I much my mother will be missed. She was my first love. So many days as a little boy I remember brushing your long beautiful black hair. It was so much fun just to do that. I will always see her as I always have to me as a Icon in life. So many people in life focus or zone in on what you done wrong , she recognized what i am doing right and rewarded me for it. She didn’t tear me down, she gave words that lifted my heard and simply gave me reason to live , try and accomplish. A great mother, teacher , civil rights advocate, activist among many other good things to neighbors, friends and relatives. I know if the world modeled after her attitude and action it would not be a terrible place. Sadly the world is a very terrible place. Mom was too good for this world in my eyes. However; mom that gave me love , vision, wisdom , care among many gifts that money couldn’t hold a candle to. I am proud to be the son of her . I am proud to have experienced a child hood that was cherished and precious. She knew what was important and she didn’t allow challenges or distraction to derail our lives. She didn’t have a PHD, MD or any lofty degrees. She was well loved and respected a true down to earth person. She again was a model, icon for boys and girls. Mom and I never had a falling out or moments or silence. We didn’t see eye to eye but didn’t let that separate us due to our love for each other. What a love , what a mother . I thank God I never took her for granted or thought I was bigger than my mother. As i write this tribute and monument , she always have my honor and I always will continue to honor her. Her contribution in my life outweighed money. Although she was known putting a few dollars in a birthday card. This was her era and tradition. Just like the good ole fashion eggnog me and my children drink today. She deserves so much more than these words. The bar is high as a person and a parent. I know i am a good father but i am a better father, person, parent, husband, man , communicator and everything i could imagine because of her. I am 53 and still not where she is . I got some growing and some wisdom to still get. She taught me as a man showing emotions or crying is not weakness. You are human and you are a good human. You are strong to show your emotions. I strive everyday to be the man she wanted me to be I can clearly say due to my mother she inspired my relationship and longevity of it. She taught me good people don’t hurt good people . I soon realized that the world is full of non-good people. Thank you mom for 86 years, thank you mom for molding me, guiding me directing me to see beyond the nonsense. With great joy, tears in my eyes, we are fulfilled. I am happy for your transcendence. You were and still is the foundation of life , love and because of that I am so strong , compassionate. If God and Jesus Christ is love you must have met them. I hear her voice right now . I remember years ago doing a song ” that’s my momma” the definition of a real woman. I salute and honor Lena Mae Rogers-Moss. You gone from this earth but lives through me and many. Thank you again for the fine cooking , great childhood. I remember mom, you said see you later Norman days before you left. I am a great man because of you . I promise I will continue to be that an continue make you proud. I am inspired , motivated and full of your love. Words are not enough to tell you how you touched and saved my life. You would call and if i missed your call i would immediately stop whatever i was doing and call you back. Gosh you really had an impressive impact. Oh Mom Oh Mom your last birthday i asked what you wanted and you said pound cake . Me & my son bought you three different flavors. You always spoke and I always would listen. Please if you can speak to me again do so…. Love 4 ever from the youngest of Five … I remember it was you that held my hand as we would bow on our knees and say together.: The Lord’s Prayer Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. Thanks to a true mother , an icon with a heart that made a difference every single second of every single day. That’s love and empowerment. She gave me gifts that you are either reading , hearing, seeing or feeling today. Her communication, handwriting as all her other talents were flawless. She had the most beautiful handwriting i ever seen. let me stop because i could write books about her. thanks mom / your son Norman Newton Moss & the Foundation 10/21/2020

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