Family Owned & Operated

From working with your spouse, to funny stories about being grounded at the funeral home, tune in now for an inspiring glimpse into the lives of The Clarke Family as they discuss their unique journeys of being a part of a Family Owned & Operated Funeral Home.

The Clarke Family Round Table

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My Story: Dr. Camelia L. Clarke

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Discover how a 5-minute conversation with a funeral director inspired 14-year-old Camelia Clarke to pursue lifetime of service and dedication to others.

My Story: Marcel A. Clarke, MBA

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At a young age, Marcel was told he had, “the gift of helps”. Discover how this gift guided him to his true calling.

At Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, we take pride in being a family-owned and operated establishment, distinguished by the dedicated leadership of Dr. Camelia L. Clarke and Marcel A. Clarke, MBA. In a landscape dominated by conglomerate corporations and franchise models, our family’s commitment sets us apart, ensuring a personalized and compassionate approach to funeral services. Here are some key reasons why Paradise Memorial stands out in the funeral profession and apart from other “local” funeral homes:

Choosing Paradise Memorial means choosing a funeral home deeply embedded in the values and fabric of the local community, where compassion and personalized care are paramount.