The Locally Owned Difference


Family Owned vs. Corporate Owned

The words “family owned” are important. Here’s why it matters to you and to our community.

Doing business with a locally owned business directly supports local families and other businesses in your community. We use local vendors and support numerous non-profit organizations right here in in Vienna.

Other funeral homes have been operating in our community for years without many families even realizing they are owned by far away, publicly-traded corporations even though their names have not changed.

Demaine Funeral Homes, Murphy Funeral Home, Everly Funeral Homes, and Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home have been sold to national and international conglomerates.

These funeral service conglomerates keep the original family name on their businesses because they know that at your greatest time of need you are more likely to turn to a local business you feel you can trust, than to a national chain you know nothing about.

Ultimately, publicly traded companies are accountable to Wall Street and their investors. We hold ourselves accountable to you. That is the family owned difference.