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Paradise Memorial Services’ founders dedicated their lives and brought over 50 years of experience to the Greater Milwaukee community. We provide funeral services with compassion, dignity, and respect in Glendale, WI  to hundreds of bereaved families over the last fifteen years.. 


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The selection of a local funeral home might be one of the most important decisions you will make for funeral and cremation planning in Glendale, WI. It is important that you have access to a knowledgeable, caring team that provides information and support every step of the way. Even though there are several options for services in the area, you’ll find that the quality of services varies depending on the funeral home that is selected.


As you are getting started with this process, it is essential to consider the type of funeral that you would like to create. This perspective can help you select a funeral home to match your needs. At Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, we offer personalized services and a custom approach for every event. Our goal is to offer top-notch results for every family. We start by listienng to your needs and providing information about available services. Then, recommendations can be offered that are a good fit for the needs and requirements or your family.


Difficult Decisions for Funeral and Cremation Planning in Glendale, WI


It’s no surprise that you will need to face challenging decisions when designing funeral services. How do you select the right answers to these questions that will come up in the funeral planning process? Our team at Paradise Memorial Funeral Home is here to offer the guidance and support required for quality, beautiful funeral services.


These are just a few of the questions that will need to be considered for funeral planning:


  • Funeral Home Services: Would you like to have the body embalmed? Is a visitation an appropriate event for your family traditions? Where should the funeral services be held? When would you like to schedule the funeral or memorial? What color and design do you prefer for the casket? Which cemetery is the best place for burial? Do you prefer a ground burial or placement in a mausoleum?

  • Cremation Services: Is cremation a good choice for your loved one? Which urn would you like to use for the cremated ashes? Should you schedule a memorial or funeral to go with the cremation? Would you like to scatter the ashes outside? Or do you prefer to keep the ashes close to home in a memorial urn? Is ground burial or entombment a good place to lay the ashes to rest?


The best thing that you can do is schedule a time to talk to our team at Paradise Memorial Funeral Home. We will take these important questions one at a time so that you can evaluate your options for funeral planning.


We know that every funeral should be as unique as the individual being honored. So, we will walk you through the questions and answers that apply to your situation. This information will be used to create an event that is a perfect fit for the needs of your loved one.


Personalizing Funeral Services


Keep in mind that personalization is an essential aspect that should be used when planning funeral and cremation in Glendale, WI. Even though general funeral packages are offered, it doesn’t mean that the funeral needs to be a cookie-cutter event. Our team at Paradise Memorial Funeral Home will help you incorporate important décor, traditions, music, and other elements that make it a personalized, unique experience for your family.


This event is a time when you can share grief, tears, and laughter with the people that you love. Your family and friends will meet to reminisce on the memories that were created over the years. Grief experts have proven that the memorial or funeral gathering is an essential step in finding closure after death.


You have the flexibility to design the funeral service in any way that matches the preferences and needs of your loved ones. Whether offbeat or traditional, informal or formal, we are here to assist. Our goal is to take care of the details that are required for designing a beautiful, memorable gathering that you will share with friends and family.


Simple Steps to Start Funeral Planning


You are ready to start planning a funeral, so where should you begin? You can use our online planning tool if you would like information about your options. This solution gives you the benefit of funeral planning in the comfort of your home. Or, don’t hesitate to contact us for a face-to-face conversation with our team that truly cares about your family. We are just a phone call away when you need information about designing funeral services.


Learn more about funeral and cremation planning in Glendale, WI by talking to us at Paradise Memorial Funeral Home. You can visit our nearby funeral home, located at 7625 W Appleton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53222. Call if you are interested in scheduling a consultation with a local funeral planning team: (414) 461-8000




Funeral Home Cremations FAQs



1. What Do Funeral Homes Do?


Many funeral homes in Glendale offer services such as:  

  • Funerals  - A funeral is a formal event or ceremony about the deceased, typically with religious or cultural leanings. 
  • Memorial Services - Memorial services are very similar to funerals, except for a few key differences. 
  • Committal (or Graveside) Services - While memorials and funerals oftentimes include a graveside service, graveside services can also be performed independently from other funeral and cremation services. 
  • Viewings and Visitations - Viewings and visitations are also generally held in tandem with a funeral or memorial as they allow family and friends to visit with and express sympathy for the funeral hosts. 
  • Other Services. Learn more.


2. Who to Notify Before a Cremation Service?


Make sure you don’t miss any important institutions or people on this list of who to notify after a death:Social Security Administration – Luckily, Social Security will be notified automatically when you file the death certificate.

  • Subscriptions – Don’t forget to cancel subscriptions like gym, magazines, clubs, online content, and others. 
  • Insurance – Notify all the insurance companies with which the deceased had policies. Each company will have specific steps you will need to follow.
  • Taxes – Death doesn’t mean the deceased doesn’t have to pay taxes for that year. A survivor will have to file the deceased’s taxes or will have to hire an accountant to do it for them.
  • Credit Reporting Agencies – These agencies are usually notified of a death by the estate executor or the Social Security Administration. 
  • Banks – Most banks will need a copy of the death certificate to close accounts. 
  • Medicare and Medicaid – Similar to the SSA, these organizations will be notified automatically.
  • Loans and Credit Cards – The Credit Card Act of 2009 mandates that all credit card companies respond to final bill requests in a timely manner and prohibits them from charging late fees during the processing time. Pay back loans from the deceased’s estate.
  • Utilities – Cancel or change the name on all utility accounts, depending on if the deceased lived alone or not. 
  • Retirement Fund or Pension – Be ready with the deceased’s Social Security number, identification number, date of birth and date of death, along with a death certificate when you call to notify the fund. 
  • Employer – Contact the deceased’s employer to notify them of the death and to learn about any applicable death benefits, retirement funds, or life insurance. Have a copy of the death certificate ready when you call. Read more.


3. Why do people choose traditional burial services?


Here are 5 common reasons why people choose traditional burial services:

  • First, many families have been burying lost family members in the same cemetery for generations, so it’s important for them to continue this long-standing family tradition.
  • There are also many religions that dictate burial over cremation even though other religions have come around to the idea of cremation over burial. 
  • There are a lot of myths surrounding cremation, from having ashes given to the wrong person to a lack of dignity. 
  • On average, cremations cost less than burials. This lowered cost is one of the main reasons why people are choosing cremation over burial. However, there are those that don’t mind the extra cost because burial is important to them and their family. 
  • Finally, sometimes the deceased leaves clear instructions for his or her final disposition. If the deceased wanted to be buried, then you should follow his or her wishes.


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