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Two Stages for Funeral and Cremation Planning in Brown Deer, WI


Where is the best place to start when it is time to begin funeral and cremation planning in Brown Deer, WI? Designing funeral services can be a simple process when you choose a local, experienced team for assistance. Even though many people feel overwhelmed when they start with funeral planning, an experienced funeral director can reduce the stress and burden to make it a streamlined process.


We’re here to help when you are facing the most important decisions that will affect the outcome of this event. At Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, our goal is to assist in creating a funeral or memorial service that is healing, loving, and full of celebration for the life that was lived.


Stages of Funeral and Cremation Planning in Brown Deer, WI


We simplify the funeral planning process by breaking things into two stages. These categories will give you both time and information to assist as you are considering the best way to honor the life of your loved one. Important decisions will be made during both of these steps, giving you the chance to create a beautiful experience for friends and family.


Not only does our team provide funeral home services, but we are also experts with cremation services. You can choose the details that support the needs of your family, and we will oversee the requirements to create the event that you desire.


Funeral Planning Stage 1: Service Design


When and where would you like to honor the memories that were shared with your loved one? In our many years of serving families in the community, we’ve found that funeral or memorial services are often one of the most important aspects of end of life services.


Grief experts agree that the memorial or funeral experience plays a role in healing from the loss when a loved one has passed. Friends and family members need the chance to come together so that they can laugh, cry, and draw support from each other. This event is a time when you can reminisce on the memories that were shared over the years.


At Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, we believe that this gathering should be as unique as the individual that is being honored. We support your desires for custom funeral services. You can choose the appropriate setting for the gathering, such as at home, outdoors, at a church, or in our facilities. Additionally, we are here to assist with anything else that should be incorporated into the program, such as art, poetry, music, and more.


Funeral Planning Stage 2: Physical Remains


One emotional choice that needs to be faced for funeral and cremation services in Brown Deer, WI is how you would like to care for the physical remains. Consider your options and choose a resting place that will support the desires and traditions of your family.


  • Burial: Would you like to have a special place where your family member is laid to rest in a cemetery? Choosing a traditional burial means that you will need to face decisions regarding the cemetery, casket, and gravestone. Additionally, the casket can be buried in the ground or entombed in a mausoleum if preferred.

  • Cremation: At Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, we offer personalized cremation solutions and promise the highest levels of respect for your loved one. With cremation, it is necessary to select an urn. Also, you will need to decide where the ashes will be placed after cremation. You might choose burial or entombment if desired. Or, the ashes can be scattered, placed in memorial jewelry, or kept in an urn at home.


No matter the funeral plan you prefer, we are here to offer the support that you need as you are exploring the available options. At Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, our goal is to help you make an informed decision so that you can honor the needs of your family and the deceased.


Timing of Funeral Planning


You never know when it will be time to schedule a funeral, which is why it is essential to choose a funeral home that offers flexible services. We are here to help if you need on-demand funeral planning support for an unexpected death. Or, you can be prepared for the future by talking to us about preplanning if desired.


Whenever you require funeral planning support, you can rest assured in knowing that our team is here to assist. We’ve built a great reputation as one of the leading providers of funeral and cremation services in Brown Deer, WI. You can learn more about your options by scheduling a consultation with a knowledgeable, caring team. Contact Paradise Memorial Funeral Home by visiting us at 7625 W Appleton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53222. Or call at your convenience for more information about the services that are offered: (414) 461-8000


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