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Are You Searching for Full Funeral and Cremation Services in Bayside, WI?


If you are preparing for funeral or cremation in Bayside, WI, where is the best place to get started with your plan? Many people aren’t familiar with the industry, so they are unsure where to start to get the best results possible. You have this important opportunity to design a funeral plan that honors your loved one. As you are facing some of the challenging decisions related to funeral planning, it is essential to have an expert by your side for assistance.


At Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, we’ve been serving the community for many years. Our team has a great reputation as one of the top providers in the industry. We know that your loved one lived a full, unique life. So, our goal is to help in creating funeral services that honor the person in the best way possible. You’ll find that we offer a caring, listening ear to ensure that all funeral services match the needs of your family.


Whether you are considering preplanning or you require funeral services right away, we’re here to assist. Not only will we explain your options and funeral packages, but our experienced team is available to answer your questions. Calling us is the easiest way to get started when it is time to schedule a funeral.


Low-Stress Funeral and Cremation Services in Bayside, WI


The most important benefit you will receive from a full-service funeral home is the reduction of stress during the funeral planning process. Since we offer a complete range of options in one location, you don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple vendors or trying to coordinate the day of the event. We’ll listen to your needs, then design a funeral plan that covers all of the details important to your family.


These are a few services that you might consider as you are preparing end of life services for someone that you love:


  • Cremation Services: At Paradise Memorial Funeral Home, we offer personalized cremation services for families who prefer an alternative to casket burial. You can choose the details of the cremation, including a service that should be included (such as a funeral or memorial).

  • Funeral Home Services: Everything you need from a funeral home can be found under our roof. We offer a variety of options, including caskets, a chapel for services, lounges and meeting rooms, and a helpful staff to oversee paperwork and other details required after death.


We want to be sure that you have a healing, memorable experience when saying goodbye to your loved one. Our funeral home staff is here to offer information and respect for the choices made by your family. Rest assured in knowing that we never pressure you into funeral packages or services that don’t match your traditions or family culture.


Designing Funeral Services for a Family Member


In the beginning, it is common to feel overwhelmed by the decisions you are facing for funeral planning. But we have confidence in your ability to tackle these decisions one at a time. Our team at Paradise Memorial Funeral Home has designed a specific system that you can follow to work through funeral planning one step at a time. This process simplifies the planning so that you can create an event filled with healing, love, and life celebration.


Two stages will be followed when you are working with us for funeral and cremation in Bayside, WI:


  • Service Design: It’s been found that the funeral or memorial service is a vital aspect of healing after loss. Even though other options might seem easier and cheaper, don’t overlook the importance of gathering with friends and family to honor the memories of the deceased. We can host this service at our property. Or, our staff will support an event at any location of your choice. You can choose a traditional or offbeat, formal or informal, gathering with our support for service design.

  • Physical Remains: The other half of funeral planning is deciding what you will do with the physical remains of your loved one. It can be an emotional choice to determine where the person should be laid to rest. If you select burial, then we will assist in choosing a cemetery and casket. You will also need to compare a mausoleum or ground burial. On the other hand, a cremation is an option that requires an urn. Additionally, you will need to determine whether it is best to scatter the ashes, or place them in an entombment or ground burial.


Start the Funeral Planning Process


If you are ready to get started with funeral and cremation planning in Bayside, WI, then our team is here to assist. Come to Paradise Memorial Funeral Home to see the beautiful funeral facilities that are available: 7625 W Appleton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53222. Call at your convenience to schedule a consultation with our team: (414) 461-8000


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